What I’m working on….

I have a few days off, so I’m trying to get some Christmas presents done.  I feel this is a great excuse to make something for people because I don’t “sell” my stuff, and it gives me an excuse to keep buying beads.  I mainly make my stuff for me, and to give away.

Though I am willing to make something for someone if they wanted to tell me what they wanted, the colors they would like, and length, etc.

But this is out of a recent past issue of Bead and Button Magazine.  A design by Kara Jacob called “Through and Through”.   The magazine called it a variation of netting, which I guess is what you call it.  It looks like it will drape like a netted collar anyway. Here is the beginnings of it.



The scallops are dangling from the wire base of strung beads.

I’m using Ming Beads from Fire Mountain.  I have some better beads, but I wanted to make sure I had enough in three corresponding colors.  So I figured this necklace would be find with the Mings on the first try of this necklace.



I find it interesting that a lot of the beaders that are getting published in Bead and Button have only been beading for five years or less.  I think that is amazing.  I’ve been doing it for about three years, and I certainly see my advancement grow.  Part of that has to do with continuing my lessons through these magazines.

Another source that I check out are some of the blogs written around the world.  If you can find some bloggers from Hungary, then start looking at their links it is truly insightful.  There are many many of these bloggers publishing pattern for bead construction.  But don’t let not knowing the language get to you.  I find that in the patterns they are using universal names and telling you what the size is….you don’t need to speak Hungarian to understand.  Plus there are translating applications that will translate some of these for you if you really want to know.

Keep in touch, thanks for stopping by



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