I worked a little more on the necklace.

Here I have added the second color of scallops.  Boy I have to say that this first row was a little tiring on the hands.  Maybe it is because I’m not stretched out on an easy chair.  I think this had to do with sitting at a table, and making sure to keep the necklace’s weight on the table and not in my hands.  Residual carpel tunnel syndrome methinks.



Here is the second row starting.  This got to be way easier by this point.  I don’t know why those top rows were making my hands really numb.


Here is the second color in the second row.  This piece does start to lay more flat as you work in more beads.  The first row, and the first section was whirling around and not staying in place, but once I added that second color, everything started to drape correctly.


So working time on this one for me is about three to four hours so far.  No I don’t think I’m a fast beader, I have to take pauses to shake my hands alot when they start hurting.  Dang that carpel tunnel!

Thanks again for checking me out.

Don’t hesitate to send me a comment either.



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