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I was a winner!

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Yep the other day I was told by thebeaddreamer that I won.  I can’t believe it–I usually never win anything, and it was christmas eve as well.  Yeah!

So yesterday in the mail I received my win….

a book published by Lark called Bugle Bead Bonanza signed by the author Jamie Cloud Eakin.  This was a contest sponsored by TheBeadDreamer.  Thanks everyone!

Here is her link.

She had contest every once in a while and her blog is sweet!  Go check her out.

I’ve continued to progress on my triangle weave bracelet, but once in a while am getting mixed up and adding 13 triangles instead of 12…..oh well.  This is why I always work up one first, and if I like it I will do another.

Here is a picture of my glass drop bracelet where I had to remove part of my closure and add this button instead.  I had to reduce it by a couple of inches so the bracelet wouldn’t fall off my hand…this certainly helped.

Guess what, it snowed here.  This is our second snow.

More to come later.  I must fix breakfast.

Here is whiskers.

Later thanks for tuning in.



Like I promised.

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Here are a few photos of some of the projects I’ve been working on.

I finished the Peyote band collar… I added some 6’s rocailles and some drop beads.  Tell me if you like it.

Not too bad.

A little bit more of a close up.  This is taken with my telephoto lens, rather than my macro lens.

You can’t really tell but I did a “whip” stitch…at least that is what I will call it, with 15’s and it took me a long time to put that part on.  It definitely made it real stable and finished looking.  But I don’t think I will do that again on such a long necklace.  It took up about 10-15 gms of 15’s….which is a lot. Any way.

Okay, so I took apart a cheaper necklace so I could use the beads for the other necklace, so I went ahead and square stitch a band for a bracelet.  I alternated blocks of four clear and green just to make sure I had enough, and to use those beads.  They were not the highest quality, but makes a great foundation for something more memorable on top.

So I found some drops to sew directly on top of the band.  I put some seed beads and two drop beads, and covered two of the beads on the base, so four drop beads on each row.  I had the same color green and clear drop beads, and enough of them I was able to cover the whole band.

So when I put it on it was about two inches too big….eeks.  So I haven’t taken a picture of my fix yet, but I had to take off the “bead closure” and add a button to the band so my loop could go around that instead of the bead, that helped to eliminate some of the inches.

Okay, then I started this project.

So a design by Laura Shea from Bead and Button Magazine. Recent edition I’ll get back on that one.

This is the first row and the start of the second row.

By this time I’m really liking this, I like the stitch, it was a tiny bit tricky at first….I try to read the instructions, then I try to look at the illustrations without the instructions to continue….Just so I can keep going and not get mixed up. Either way about the fourth row I was getting it…..

So she calls this a triangle stitch.  So I definitely want to try this stitch on some better beads, some more even beads, and maybe even some different sized beads with the 11’s to see what happens.

Okay, so that is what I’ve been working on this break.  I still have a few days off, so I will keep you posted with lots of photos.

Thanks for checking in with me.


Yep, I’ve been beading

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I’ve also been relaxing, and keeping my feet up.  It is nice to sit in a chair for part of the day instead of standing for 10 hours.  I know I will have to go back to it soon…but I’m enjoying the time off while I have it.

But back to beading.

I’m on my third project since having the time off since Wednesday.  Technically I guess I finished up the one green necklace, I attached drops to it and did my loop and button closure.

2nd project I made a square stitch band with 6’s rocailles, and then did loops of seed beads and drop beads directly on top of the square stitch band to make a nice bubbly puffy bracelet.  Though I hit a little snag when I put it on and it was about two inches two big.  So I had to cut one side of my closure, had to remove some of the loops of seed beads and drop beads, and on the exposed square stitch band sew on a glass button, to reduce the size over all.  This made for a much more easy to wear, though heavy bracelet.

3rd project I started a while ago…this is out of a recent addition of Bead and Button….It is a triangle stitch, but it also must be Chevron stitch….either way, I’m working on that and becoming more familiar with it, now I’m thinking of possibilities for more projects with different size beads and if I can go 3d with it.

Okay, enough of my blathering.  I will put up pictures tomorrow.



Christmas Party!

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We had a Christmas party at work and I brought the camera.

Doesn’t everyone look festive!

We were in such a well-lit room many of my photos were silhouettes.

See what I mean.  I didn’t want to use the flash.

So that was it.  We got some eats, some candy, some goodies.  A good time was had by all!

I like portraits.

See you soon.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. You know all that good cheer!


I won!

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I entered a contest to win a book and I won!

The Bead Dreamers Blog is at this url.

She has give a-ways here and there and I was lucky enough to win this one.

I won a signed copy of Bugle Bead Bonanza by Lark Books!

Thank You Thank You Thank You!

I will post photos of it when I receive it, and also when I make something with it.  I never know that to make with all my bugle beads.


The next day

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Yep, I brought my camera in for two or three days.  I have different students working on different days, so I must bring the camera in for them.  This time though I did have Brad take some pictures of me though.

Angie, Chris, Brad, Nathan.

All of us.  Being goofy.

Well some of us.

My tree.  I don’t have that many lights on it, but as you can tell, this was at night, with the lights on.  Steady girl, steady.

See the flash keeps it steadier, but makes the lights a little dim.

Unfortunately when I went to get more ornaments, there was very few in the color choices my husband made, blue and red. I did find some red ones,  I was going for the non breakable ornaments too, as we have some feisty kitties.

Brad is tickled about something.

Goodbye for now.


We are all color coordinated.

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“I took my camera to work day”

I took some photos of the group of kids I have to work beside me everyday on the front lines of the Journalism school sandwich needs.   Also their cookie and muffin needs, their espresso fixes and the smoothies infatuation.  (That one I’m not so infatuated with.)  So anyway here they are.  I had to drag the kicking and screaming for these photos.  I tell you two days in a row of these photos and they’ve had enough.

See I told you about the color coordination.

See there a bunch of  wise crackers.

Okay, they settled down….um usually our crew is not so full.

Ready for action……or sandwich making.

I had Brad take a photo of me with Jennifer….one of our sandwich eatin’ girls…um customer.

They had lost the love of my camera by this time.  This is the last time they posed for me.

And these two…what can I say.

and when I came home look what my husband and brought me.

First one in 16 years, but who’s counting!

So guess what you will see in tomorrow post!  Yep, some lights! Some decorations!  Hold on to your hats!

and a few more crew photos that where on today’s shoot!

Thanks for tuning in. Loving my camera.