My other Bezel…

I told you I would post the second bezel that I made.  That is second ever made.  Still I can see some improvements need to be made.

The problem?  I guess I made the back to big before starting the “cupping” part.  So I had to add a few extra rows of the 15’s to keep it in there.  It is still a little loose, but better than my first attempt….

Okay, so back to the green cat’s eye.

See this one I did my version of a peyote stitch with 15’s.  I don’t have the little pointy parts like the last one.  But that is because I didn’t use the component the pattern asked for.

Here are some more shots.

Okay, time to start my car for the morning commute.  It’s getting cold around these parts.

Have a great day everyone.

Thanks for stopping by.



One Response to “My other Bezel…”

  1. songandaprayer Says:

    Please use the phrase “around these parts” more often.

    Also, I don’t know how long you’ve had it, but I really like the new header/layout!

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