Yep, beading again….

Yep, I’ve been working on some stuff this weekend.  You know that time of the year for me…I would rather make things than buy things.  I can’t keep it all.  Besides I’m getting better so my stuff is improving compared to some of the stuff in my stash bag…my stash bag of finished pieces.

So a little of this.

my giftie girl likes lime green, so I looked at the opposite side of the color wheel, and it said violet red, so this little so gel seed beed in clear pink isn’t to saturated or bold.

So this is a 2 drop peyote band.  I have added some 8’s along the bottom to give it a little more curvature.  This is where the drops will hang soon.

This was taken about 1/2 an hour before stopping.  I guess I’m at about 2 hours or less at the length of about 10 inches.

So here is my selection process.

I pulled out these.

So I selected the lime green with clear beads to disband and use.

But I haven’t used them yet.  These are probably more like 6’s, So I haven’t used them in the peyote band…I think I will use them with the drops…

So I got out my 8’s.

I picked out dark lime green silver lined, and also a transparent root beer (which seems to go with everything) to alternate for the 8’s on the bottom of the band.

I also worked on stringing some pearls.  You know I just got better at this trick.

So this is what I made this weekend.  Three necklaces and one peyote band necklace started.

We end with this photo.

Thanks for visiting.  Take care and happy shopping all.



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