We are all color coordinated.

“I took my camera to work day”

I took some photos of the group of kids I have to work beside me everyday on the front lines of the Journalism school sandwich needs.   Also their cookie and muffin needs, their espresso fixes and the smoothies infatuation.  (That one I’m not so infatuated with.)  So anyway here they are.  I had to drag the kicking and screaming for these photos.  I tell you two days in a row of these photos and they’ve had enough.

See I told you about the color coordination.

See there a bunch of  wise crackers.

Okay, they settled down….um usually our crew is not so full.

Ready for action……or sandwich making.

I had Brad take a photo of me with Jennifer….one of our sandwich eatin’ girls…um customer.

They had lost the love of my camera by this time.  This is the last time they posed for me.

And these two…what can I say.

and when I came home look what my husband and brought me.

First one in 16 years, but who’s counting!

So guess what you will see in tomorrow post!  Yep, some lights! Some decorations!  Hold on to your hats!

and a few more crew photos that where on today’s shoot!

Thanks for tuning in. Loving my camera.



One Response to “We are all color coordinated.”

  1. songandaprayer Says:

    I love it.

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