Yep, I’ve been beading

I’ve also been relaxing, and keeping my feet up.  It is nice to sit in a chair for part of the day instead of standing for 10 hours.  I know I will have to go back to it soon…but I’m enjoying the time off while I have it.

But back to beading.

I’m on my third project since having the time off since Wednesday.  Technically I guess I finished up the one green necklace, I attached drops to it and did my loop and button closure.

2nd project I made a square stitch band with 6’s rocailles, and then did loops of seed beads and drop beads directly on top of the square stitch band to make a nice bubbly puffy bracelet.  Though I hit a little snag when I put it on and it was about two inches two big.  So I had to cut one side of my closure, had to remove some of the loops of seed beads and drop beads, and on the exposed square stitch band sew on a glass button, to reduce the size over all.  This made for a much more easy to wear, though heavy bracelet.

3rd project I started a while ago…this is out of a recent addition of Bead and Button….It is a triangle stitch, but it also must be Chevron stitch….either way, I’m working on that and becoming more familiar with it, now I’m thinking of possibilities for more projects with different size beads and if I can go 3d with it.

Okay, enough of my blathering.  I will put up pictures tomorrow.




One Response to “Yep, I’ve been beading”

  1. It sounds like you’re enjoying your Holiday time with a lot of beading! I’ve been spending the holidays catching up on some projects as well, and like you, trying to finish some of those beading projects I started a while back, some of them even in the summer.

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