I was a winner!

Yep the other day I was told by thebeaddreamer that I won.  I can’t believe it–I usually never win anything, and it was christmas eve as well.  Yeah!

So yesterday in the mail I received my win….

a book published by Lark called Bugle Bead Bonanza signed by the author Jamie Cloud Eakin.  This was a contest sponsored by TheBeadDreamer.  Thanks everyone!

Here is her link.  thebeaddreamer.wordpress.com

She had contest every once in a while and her blog is sweet!  Go check her out.

I’ve continued to progress on my triangle weave bracelet, but once in a while am getting mixed up and adding 13 triangles instead of 12…..oh well.  This is why I always work up one first, and if I like it I will do another.

Here is a picture of my glass drop bracelet where I had to remove part of my closure and add this button instead.  I had to reduce it by a couple of inches so the bracelet wouldn’t fall off my hand…this certainly helped.

Guess what, it snowed here.  This is our second snow.

More to come later.  I must fix breakfast.

Here is whiskers.

Later thanks for tuning in.



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