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what I’m talking about…

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Remember I told you recently that I had been having a little trouble reading directions.  That’s what I figured happened.

I started making this.

Looks easy enough…directions went well.

See I was doing okay, I thought.

Really I felt good about it.

Basically it was a band of RAW, Right Angle Weave, with the outer edge pulled tight and three 8’s added on to give it the bendy waves and then another band or Right Ange weave, with the ll’s pulled tight and three 8’s added on, and then woven together on the inside edge.

I really thought I read the directions right, but

When I got to the end it didn’t come together like the illustration showed.  When I got to the other end, it really didn’t come together like the illustration showed.  Plus I was having trouble with my thread, and the thread separated and was half the size, and I was trying to fix the ends, aaaagh!

I got out my scissors.

I cut it apart.

It didn’t work for me.

I guess I’m instruction disabled right now.

I’m stringing beads for a while. I have to calm down…..

Thanks for checking in with me.   Another calamity in the beader’s world.

Bye for now.  Happy Beading.



Yippee I went somewhere.

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Okay, I didn’t go far.  Just to town.  Deep in the caverns of the city.  The Catacombs.

There is a little place that until recently had one entrance and a garage.  It didn’t used to have upper floor access a few years ago.  Now if you go into  an art gallery on Walnut Street you can access this interesting world for yourself.  Okay the art gallery is called Artlandish Gallery on Walnut Street.  Here are some photos of what you see when you go down the stairs.

Okay, it is dark in there…

There are halls that lead to little rooms.

or other halls.

Little rooms.

These pots and necklaces are made by a lady named Gwen.

These are Lynn’s pots.

There is a loft upstairs and a film studio.

cast iron windows.

just a random photo looking over the loft.

This is a blurry view of one of the original walls in a section now rented as a photography studio.

The opposite wall of the photography studio.

one of the old doors.

Some the brick work.

Okay, my speculation is that these tunnels (though some of the walls are new walls,) were part of some of the warehousing of fresh produce.  The sides of the tunnels were built up and there is a tract where a cart could run through tracks deeper in the center.  These Catacombs were built right next to what once was the Railroad Depot where the Wabash Station still exists today in the original Depot building.  At the corner of Walnut and Orr street in the three or four-story building sits a Wilson Fitness center now.  A few years ago it was Downtown Storage owned by Sam.  I used to Jam there on Thursdays with some friends of mine.  This building once housed a grocery store that was around in the early part of the 20 century called Nowell’s.  This was the Grocery Store and warehouse for the grocery store.  The catacombs are just next too and behind this building.  So cold storage or anything else that needed constant temperatures was held in these catacombs that came off the trains in the turn of the century and later.

That was my day.  After that was exercise.  No camera for that.

See you later.


The river in Easley Missouri

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Taken with a point and shoot  camera in 2006

I started stringing some stuff together.

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I’ve been just working on my string skills.  You know I didn’t really learn much until recently when I had better tools and better pieces.  Now that I have a pretty good inventory of beads, I figured I would try to string some bad attempts that I tried earlier in my life.  You know, re-use, recycle.

Now I just have to get some design elements together.  And get my craft room more organized.

I have not taken any pictures, as I can not say that I am real confident with them, but I will be wearing them to work to see how they do.  I will do some bead weaving again soon.

Today was good for me, and over the weekend I finally filled some of those extra plastic bins that I have had for a while and got a chance to see my inventory again.  Every since I dismantled my room I haven’t really gone over stuff that much.  I mainly and working on beads that are an arm reach away and not dwelling on needing a certain type of bead, and worrying about where it is.

I will take some pictures soon I promise.

Take care and keep in touch.


Not beading currently.

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I worked on two projects in a row and could not get the directions right.  I was sad and frustrated.

The last one was I thought one of the easiest ones in the magazine printed recently in Bead and Button magazine.  They usually are very well written and worked by other beaders to make sure they are right before being published.  Well, like I said I picked one I thought was easy, and I thought at first it would work out, but as I put the end together I saw the ends were not looking quite like the illustration.  I went ahead and finished the “button” side, but when I did the loop side it was laughable. I wasn’t even close, I had to take part of it apart, and rework some of it.  I worked on the loop and it just wasn’t coming together like I had hoped, then I wound up stripping my thread apart, which rarely happens.  I figured that was enough, I got out my scissors and cut it all apart.  It was dismal.

Either way, I guess I will be doing some stringing for a while. I just get bummed, I know that I can keep learning, but I guess I lose something in the reading of the directions or something.  I want to think that what I have learned is not all that I am capable of.

Thanks for checking back. I will post stuff again soon.


So yesterday

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I was playing with beads, I mean really playing.  So there are no pictures today.  I just made a silly peyote rope, but with mixed up colors, and when I was finished was a little embarrassed to show you, so I’m not.  I feel like I should be doing something mind-blowing, but instead, I’m just fooling around with this silly mix and making something ugly.

So I will try better tomorrow.  I do need to get some beads ready so I can make something with the new book I won from the Bead Dreamer dot com…..and then work again on another triangle weave like the last one I did. Sometimes, I just want to surf the internet.  Like today.  Actually I did a little more than than….my cat is shedding so bad the vacuuming is almost non stop.

yeah, blame this guy.

yeah, I’m talking about you dude.

wait a minute.

I resemble that remark….The Dude.

Talk to you tomorrow.  I will add more…promise.


So the simple part is done.

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Well I did finish the bracelet, at least the first layer of it.  I think I will just keep this one how it is, and will work on another one, and then decide if I will try the second layer on it.

I did try to shoot from a different place on the table.  That scratch always looks like a thread dangling.  Now a days I do not keep threads dangling.

I added a couple of shell beads on for the closures.

I have to stand back quite a bit with the macro lens….or stand on a chair and shoot directly down.

This was made with fireline and the closures I used nymo.  I guess I’m so used to nymo that using fireline was a little troublesome for me.  I can see why people use it, but it just kept wrapping around itself here and there.

Well that is it for now.  Another project today.  Just a silly little thing, but I’m practicing round peyote, like in a rope.  I have a lot of bead soups because I love to order mixed beads, so I’m working on that, and just changing the bead colors as I go along.  It will probably end up being horribly ugly or another UFO, but that’s okay.  Sometimes it’s just that I want to bead for the heck of it.

Talk to you tomorrow.