We had snow again!

Though I did not take many photos of the second snow, I did take photos of the first snow.  We got out and drove around even!

We hadn’t really tested out the new truck’s capabilities on the snow, so here was our chance.

Little snow drifts!

The bushes in the park are quite bright this time of year.

The truck worked fairly well.  It is only a two-wheel drive, so we get some spin, but some spin can be fun.  Though we did spot one fellow having to change his tire in the park, we guess he had a collision with the four-inch tall curbs. ooops.

Well have a Happy New Year’s folks.

Also I guess this means that this is the start of my third years as a blogger!   Wow.

Talk to you soon.



One Response to “We had snow again!”

  1. The snow looks beautiful! Congrats on your 3rd year of blogging! I just started this summer and I am loving it!

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