So the simple part is done.

Well I did finish the bracelet, at least the first layer of it.  I think I will just keep this one how it is, and will work on another one, and then decide if I will try the second layer on it.

I did try to shoot from a different place on the table.  That scratch always looks like a thread dangling.  Now a days I do not keep threads dangling.

I added a couple of shell beads on for the closures.

I have to stand back quite a bit with the macro lens….or stand on a chair and shoot directly down.

This was made with fireline and the closures I used nymo.  I guess I’m so used to nymo that using fireline was a little troublesome for me.  I can see why people use it, but it just kept wrapping around itself here and there.

Well that is it for now.  Another project today.  Just a silly little thing, but I’m practicing round peyote, like in a rope.  I have a lot of bead soups because I love to order mixed beads, so I’m working on that, and just changing the bead colors as I go along.  It will probably end up being horribly ugly or another UFO, but that’s okay.  Sometimes it’s just that I want to bead for the heck of it.

Talk to you tomorrow.



2 Responses to “So the simple part is done.”

  1. Thanks so very much for visiting History and Women and for leaving a comment on my site. Unfortunately, the link you quoted was never my link. Sadly, it was created by someone else who tried to copy my site. I’m glad that you found me at the correct site:

    You have a lovely blog. I have always been fascinated with beading, even though I have never tried it. The possibilities are all so beautiful and endless. Congratulations on your success.

  2. I think you’ve accomplished a lot and would love to see the finished piece. It is funny about the scratch – it does look like a thread 🙂 Happy Beading!

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