So yesterday

I was playing with beads, I mean really playing.  So there are no pictures today.  I just made a silly peyote rope, but with mixed up colors, and when I was finished was a little embarrassed to show you, so I’m not.  I feel like I should be doing something mind-blowing, but instead, I’m just fooling around with this silly mix and making something ugly.

So I will try better tomorrow.  I do need to get some beads ready so I can make something with the new book I won from the Bead Dreamer dot com…..and then work again on another triangle weave like the last one I did. Sometimes, I just want to surf the internet.  Like today.  Actually I did a little more than than….my cat is shedding so bad the vacuuming is almost non stop.

yeah, blame this guy.

yeah, I’m talking about you dude.

wait a minute.

I resemble that remark….The Dude.

Talk to you tomorrow.  I will add more…promise.



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