Not beading currently.

I worked on two projects in a row and could not get the directions right.  I was sad and frustrated.

The last one was I thought one of the easiest ones in the magazine printed recently in Bead and Button magazine.  They usually are very well written and worked by other beaders to make sure they are right before being published.  Well, like I said I picked one I thought was easy, and I thought at first it would work out, but as I put the end together I saw the ends were not looking quite like the illustration.  I went ahead and finished the “button” side, but when I did the loop side it was laughable. I wasn’t even close, I had to take part of it apart, and rework some of it.  I worked on the loop and it just wasn’t coming together like I had hoped, then I wound up stripping my thread apart, which rarely happens.  I figured that was enough, I got out my scissors and cut it all apart.  It was dismal.

Either way, I guess I will be doing some stringing for a while. I just get bummed, I know that I can keep learning, but I guess I lose something in the reading of the directions or something.  I want to think that what I have learned is not all that I am capable of.

Thanks for checking back. I will post stuff again soon.



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