Yippee I went somewhere.

Okay, I didn’t go far.  Just to town.  Deep in the caverns of the city.  The Catacombs.

There is a little place that until recently had one entrance and a garage.  It didn’t used to have upper floor access a few years ago.  Now if you go into  an art gallery on Walnut Street you can access this interesting world for yourself.  Okay the art gallery is called Artlandish Gallery on Walnut Street.  Here are some photos of what you see when you go down the stairs.

Okay, it is dark in there…

There are halls that lead to little rooms.

or other halls.

Little rooms.

These pots and necklaces are made by a lady named Gwen.

These are Lynn’s pots.

There is a loft upstairs and a film studio.

cast iron windows.

just a random photo looking over the loft.

This is a blurry view of one of the original walls in a section now rented as a photography studio.

The opposite wall of the photography studio.

one of the old doors.

Some the brick work.

Okay, my speculation is that these tunnels (though some of the walls are new walls,) were part of some of the warehousing of fresh produce.  The sides of the tunnels were built up and there is a tract where a cart could run through tracks deeper in the center.  These Catacombs were built right next to what once was the Railroad Depot where the Wabash Station still exists today in the original Depot building.  At the corner of Walnut and Orr street in the three or four-story building sits a Wilson Fitness center now.  A few years ago it was Downtown Storage owned by Sam.  I used to Jam there on Thursdays with some friends of mine.  This building once housed a grocery store that was around in the early part of the 20 century called Nowell’s.  This was the Grocery Store and warehouse for the grocery store.  The catacombs are just next too and behind this building.  So cold storage or anything else that needed constant temperatures was held in these catacombs that came off the trains in the turn of the century and later.

That was my day.  After that was exercise.  No camera for that.

See you later.



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