Lately I’ve been stringing.

So I have strung some pieces together lately.  I’ve taken some of the excess beads I have a lot of and just using them, trying to make something wearable out of them.

I’ve been also trying to do better with wire wrapping and working with pieces of chain.  I still don’t do a great loop, it bends this way and that, and here I am clutching at two different pliers.  aack.

So let’s see some photos. Of something.

Yep I believe this is my last bead order.  I don’t think I ever showed you these.  The box has arrived.

The pens are for pricing.  I go ahead and write the price I pay, and the date and year, so that if the prices go up I can adjust if I sell anything.

I get so excited when I get my order, or course I have to take photos.

So as you can see I have a variety of cool beads and a group of sale beads that I like to use for my bases for some of my bracelets and necklaces.  They don’t cost much, so I can save my best quality for the surface that really shows.

This was what was in the little cabochons assortment pack.  Love the photo.

My next order will be with Shipwreck Beads.  I can by a larger quantity of one thing and they have some great assortments that have colors that go together.  Like 4mm fire polished beads in a lavender mix for 1200 beads at 17$ or so.  Their  minimum order is 50$ I believe so I’ve been refreshing myself with their website to see how I want to spend my money.  I have gotten into a big ordering deal with Fire Mountain because I spend so much money that I want to get the volume and not worry about my big order.   Complicated I know. But it has been a year.

Thanks for tuning in.



One Response to “Lately I’ve been stringing.”

  1. Hey Colleen,
    Nice blog! I like it, and will return to read more. Will see you in a day or two at the Journalism place…

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