Ruffled Rings

Yep, I’ve wanting to work on this stitch for a while.  This was a project out of the current Bead and Button magazine.

Lively Links by Marina Nadke.

This is the kind of project I like to sink my teeth into.  Lots of drama, and lots of beading.  And I get to use some of my mixes that I have sorted out for a little variety besides my tubes of color.

And it is basically a simple stitch, peyote stitch then double peyote stitch.  I think I need something not so complicated, my brain can’t handle it right now.

My job is really working me hard right now, so I’ve been lax of course doing the beading and instead have been resting and surfing the web a lot.  So pardon the time off from beading.  Hopefully this will kick start me again.

So I started.

Second row.

Third Row, the beginning of the 2up beads, and the start of the ruffle.

Fourth row.

Fifth and final row of the first ring.

Stay tuned for more.

Okay extreme close up.   So I will keep you tuned about my progression.  I definitely see this as a few day project.  Each rings needs to be started and the threads tied in before the next one can start, or at least that seems a good idea to me.

I think this stitch is also referred to as Oglala stitch.  I will research that and let you know that one soon.

Thanks for checking my progress.



4 Responses to “Ruffled Rings”

  1. Colleen,

    You have a great eye for detail — and photos! I particularly like the last shot, the one of the fifth row. Cool shape and color! I like the limited focus point (depth of field).

  2. […] can follow her project here and here. Thanks for the inspiration, Colleen and for letting share this on my […]

  3. […] Colleen is a Columbia resident who loves beading, photography and blogging. This post is taken from her blog Bead N Fun. […]

  4. very interesting and beautiful work!!!

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