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Farmer’s Market Saturday

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I made it to my first farmer’s market of the year. The first day for them was on the first day of spring.  Oh yeah, you remember.  We had this.

and the woods behind the house looked like this.

So I was preoccupied and didn’t make it to the market.  But I did go this past Sunday.  I was expecting to see some of my usual vendors which I buy produce from.  I guess their stuff was not in early enough season.  I got there about 1/2 hour after they opened.  Almost missed out on the lettuce.

Everyone was wrapped up in their coats.  It was pleasant but chilly.

Some folks had their cookers out for samples or sales. Look at all the controls on that grill.  Awesome.

But as the weeks roll on, there will be more and more lettuce and produce…not so much packaged stuff.  I’m glad it is there, make for great gift giving…..and it is homemade and organic.  Honey, Jellies and Jams, Salsas and Pastas.

Hope to see you there during the summer.




I’m getting really close now.

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Probably just a few more rings…I would say less than four.

I think I’m going for over the head with no clasps.  I wasn’t sure what kind of clasp to make, so why not just make it long enough, that way I can make sure it is solid.

This was not taken with the macro lens.

I will get rid of those loose strings when my needle is free.

Tomorrow I will shoot some shots with the macro lens.  Obviously I was not holding the camera still enough.

See with this lens I can back off a little and you get more a view of my work area.  It looks complicated right now, but between each project I get rid of all the stuff you see, and start a fresh clean table.

So there it is.  Hopefully Tuesday will be the finish date on this one.  Since I’m not devoting every day to this, it has taken about a month to complete this working about four rings a night.  I have serious carpel tunnel which only gets cranky doing this work….so I have to stop and shake it out, and continue.  It is still worth it.  I see a lot of folks who do this work as being older than I am, so I do not want to stop doing it.

Thanks for checking in.

Happy beading and peace.


Inside the J school

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Just some random shots of the J School.

This is the Futures lab.  All kinds of great computers with large monitors.

This is the same area one floor up.  This is the front foyer, with a room further back with tables and outlets for the computers.

Back downstairs, another view of the futures lab.

just past the futures lab, this is some of the offices and some of the classrooms and editing rooms.

quick and blurry shot of one of those “editing” rooms.  Sorry I’m not a J school student so I may not be using the proper verbage.

One story up again.  This is the front foyer, with some of the pictures on display.

different camera, with a broader view.

This is the walkway leading to the library and other offices of the J school.

This is some of the staircase features.

And the entrance on Ninth Street.

I don’t assume to know much about the school building features, as a matter of fact I have hardly been on the third floor.  I have walked some of the tunnels that meander through this building that connects four other buildings together, but have not taken my camera along yet.

Thanks for checking in.  There will be a little more variety tomorrow.

Just a simple tour.  I will post later today, I have a few shots  I haven’t loaded into the photo album yet.

See you soon


Just a quick peek

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I worked these up the other day when I had my bead soup out….remember?

Okay, you can’t really tell in the picture, but those are 8’s and 6’s mostly there.  So I wanted to do something with them, heck why not, there out there waiting to be used.

So I stitched up these.

Just a simple 1 up peyote stitch, real simple and quick.

Mostly a solid color, with some darker ones added for a little variety.

I have left the strings attached for now, as I need my needle to finish off end strings on my Ruffled Rings project….I had two needles the other day, and dang I lost one…it hasn’t gone into my foot yet…I’m waiting though.

I will rework these strings back in the project to finish off the ends with loop and button closures.

Eventually I will make some of these types of necklaces with this design.  These are some of my husbands favorites that I make.

Kinda like this.  This is based on a design out of Bead and Button Magazine by Aasia Hamid.  So now I do a version like it myself.  My interpretation of her design.

I’m still working on Ruffled Rings as well.  I was having a little trouble with my string, so I wanted to take a breather from it for a day or so.

Thanks for tuning in and Happy Beading.


Quad pictures

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As you know I work in the school of Journalism on the quadrangle in Columbia Missouri.  So when I have the camera I like to take pictures of the architecture, as you can see pretty well through the trees right now.  And also the flowers on campus have not shown themselves yet.

Yep, that’s the one.  Actually the little cafe I work in is where the light is shining.  It is the short building next to the renovation wing….the building is Walter Williams Hall.

This is the view from Ninth Street…the opposite of the other view.

This is across the quad, looking at the building directly to the south of School of Journalism…this is the Art Building…or the Art museum.  Okay that is not the technical name for it, I will tell you tomorrow when I pass it and get the name.

Left door and staircase.

Jesse Hall, at the head of the Quadrangle.

and from the ground, interesting angles.  Of course that is all your gonna get.

Check out the ceiling…wood.  Awesome work there.

Okay, that is about it for now.  Time to head that way.  See you guys in the future.

Happy day and peace


Campus Photos

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I strolled through the quad the other day and tried to shoot some interesting pictures.

School of Journalist extreme left, with the Art Museum next to that, looking over the quad, the columns and Jesse Hall

Okay, lets try this.  Wow, I never entered a “gallery” in before.  Well try it and see if you like it.

Most of these are going to be on the quad.  This is my way home from work from Journalism school to the engineering department, sometimes by way of Swallow Hall, Jesse Hall, and School of Engineering.

Tell me if you like it.  It certainly was a quick way to add a few photos.  I won’t be always doing that though.  I like the one photo at a time.

Thanks for checking with me.

Happy Beading.


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Today I was featured on a website put together by the local newspaper.  One of the editors approached me about adding me in, and this morning I was featured on their website.  Thanks to Haotao Xiong for recommending me and putting my information out there.  I did get the link in my blog roll to the right.

check it out if you can.


C Thomas