Photos of beads

How about some photos of beads.  I have lots of them, always want more, but in reality I really probably have enough.

these are some really cool twisted bugles I have.

Now a days I store them in these glass jars just because I want to recycle them in another way than just the recycle bin.

Plus those jars hold these kinds of tubes very nicely.

These are little drop beads.  I like to keep in the original bags, I write down the date, and the price so I know that if someone wants me to make them something I know what to charge them.  I see the date, see how much I spent, and then consider when I bought them in regard to my fee for making them something.

Some Swarovski 4mm bicones.

Some strands I bought at Michaels.

Here is some of my fire-polished beads.

Here is a photo of my cluttered desk.  I obviously am trying to do some sorting out and re-arranging in this photo.  I like to clear the desk  when I start some new projects so my mind can be clear. Etc.

Continued till later.

Happy Beading



2 Responses to “Photos of beads”

  1. Hey, here is Haotao. I talked to you at J cafe last week and got your blog address. I like your blog and the photos are beautiful. It looks like you really enjoy playing with beads. I was just wondering, can we put your blog post on It is a citizen journalism publication about Columbia. Thanks a lot.

    • Haotao, Thanks for writing to me. When you are in the cafe next make sure to say hi and tell me your name since I didn’t get to see a picture of you on your blog.

      I do appreciate the wonderful comments that you made. My blog really came of age this past year when my husband bought me a little used canon digital camera with a 60 mm macro lens on it. LOVE IT.

      It really allows me to take those tight shots with great depth of field or bookah.

      I did check out the page you were talking about and I am interested in doing that, can you instruct me to how I would get that done. Any help is appreciated.

      Thanks again, and please let me know which face is yours so I can put it with a name. I give my address out to a few people, but not that many, so I want to know whom you are.

      Colleen Thomas

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