It is growing….

into more and more rings. I’m having fun doing it as well.

I tie off the thread after a few rings when my working string is finished, then I go back and tie off the ends when I have a loose needle.

Right now it is 14 rings long at this time.

So, more bead soup….more mixes to look through, and a few other packages of beads that are the right color-here I come.

I’m sure I’m making more work for myself to use these assorted mixes, but I have fun doing it and searching for the beads.  I have spent time sorting the colors so I have some green mixes and some blue mixes to pick from.

This will end up being a necklace at this time.  I am going to come up with some other application to use this stitch…oglala stitch I believe.

Take care and happy beading



2 Responses to “It is growing….”

  1. Hey, here is Haotao. Looks you’ve done another good job. btw, could you please email me your personal introduction, one to two sentences will be fine. Thanks a lot.

  2. thebeadden Says:

    I just love this! Mind if I post this at my site and a link back to you?

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