It was Dad’s Birthday on Sunday

so we went to Hyvee, where he meets a bunch of people on Sunday Morning.  I took pictures.

Here is the birthday boy, Joe

I think this is Jim, or Big Jim.

The two Jims and Mr. Hickman High Teacher.

and these amazing ladies were there as well to celebrate.  The table is very well-focused.

More really nice people.  All the ladies were on their cell phones.  It reminded me of work….they are all techy that way.

Dianne with another nice lady…I didn’t get to talk to her much.

My husband took this photo of me and dad, and Natalie.  He got three pictures very similar to this one…all with Natalie’s face just barely in the photo.

So anyway, Just a little Birthday wishes for Dad.

See ya soon, and Happy Beading.


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