A few photos for today.

I was at work today…let me show you the building.

This is part of the new expansion that opened a couple of years ago.

You approach the front doors and…

Yep, macro lens.  Anyway, this is a room with a great view of the quadrangle.  The bars are like a railing as the floor drops away and allows you to look at the futures lab downstairs.

at least that is one view you get.  The macro lens again.  The shots are tight.

And then you look to the right and you see where I work.

These were some real casual shots I took.

Some of the students that come in, and our sign right behind them.  That is brad working behind the counter.

I had to go get my ID replaced.  I use it all the time in the cash register machine, and it had worn down so I could not use it in the time clock and to get into my residence hall that I check into.  So it was time.  I left for a break and walked down to the new bookstore.  Once again, really tight shots. Here they are.

This shot shows some of the entrance of the current building with the stone work, and a little further along some of the unfinished part.

another close shot of the door, enter the building and look down the stairs…

and you enter this computer store, Tiger Tech.

In the ID office I met this nice lady, Faye

She was very nice, go by and say hi to her sometime. She helped me out with my new card, and now I can clock in an out in less than 3 minutes.

I took this shot of Memorial Union on the way back.

And this one walking Lowry Mall of the dome of Jesse Hall.

There was also this group having a bake sale.  I need to get this way more often, just to see the gatherings.  It was still a little breezy.

Later on an old friend of mine stopped by…Jing.  I worked with her at Eva J’s. She is still there.

Her haircut makes her look all grown up now.  Love her.

Well thanks for checking me out again.  There will be beading later in the week…I promise I’m still working on the ruffled rings project, but I have some kids graduating soon and leaving me so my brain is working overtime to figure out what to make them.

Happy Beading, and peace.



3 Responses to “A few photos for today.”

  1. kateohkatie Says:

    I love the campus – thank you for the tour from your perspective! 🙂

    • Thanks–I need to put on a broader lens. It would have worked better in the halls of the J school.

      How did you find my blog? Just interested?

      C Thomas

  2. Can’t wait to send a link of this post to my husband. He’s an MU grad and has very fond memories of the place.

    I’ve been reading your archives and have to say that your work is beyond beautiful. You get so much done, too! I also enjoyed the pics of Rocheport and the river.

    I’d like to know where that gallery is that you wrote about. It is in the Catacombs, but I don’t know where that is. Looks like a very cool place.

    Keep posting!

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