Some of the folks I see in the Morning.

I leave in a little while to go to work, Rob is one of the ones who I see in the morning. He is the morning cook.  Been doing that gig for almost 20 years now.

Sue transferred from Rollins for a semester while they rebuilt their buildings…she is a sweet lady too.

Magda was there on Monday morning.  Since Amy was off that day, Magda gets to be there to open the building.  I hope she was able to go home and get some rest, but she has twins, so I doubt it.

And this is one of my other bosses, Jeff.  He came by to do some stuff at the cafe.  We don’t see him at the cafe very often, so always a good thing when he is there.  I see him in the evening when I leave.  He works the night shift. Lucky guy.

Here is the start of the night shift crew.  Here is Rance and Tim.  They didn’t even know I was there.  That’s because they were waiting on people….doing their job….

Later,  I will show you more people of the night shift.

Take care and happy beading



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