I told you I would be beading again.

Since I know that my schedule allows me to bead more on Thursday, Friday and Saturday than any other day….I thought I would show you how far I have progressed so far in the project.  I think I added four rings on Thursday and three or four more last night.  I was having issues with my thread, I guess I really should wax this particular white thread that I am using….I didn’t seem to have as many issues with binding, and snagging as I did last night.  Maybe I was just needing to ‘let it go’ for the evening.

End of Thursday, ring count 23 at this time.

Here is the tray of beads I’m working with.  These are various blues that I have sorted out from other bead soups I had, I just wanted to get the colors together.

Then this was how it stood last night Friday night.

So I have some more time today, especially since it is snowing here in mid-missouri….

Happy beading and peace



2 Responses to “I told you I would be beading again.”

  1. I don’t understand how you can make those rings so quickly! Something tells me that you really, really enjoy playing in your beads and those “soups”! Enjoy your beading time.

  2. Very beautiful. I have not seen this king of model. I am not beading but my wife is. Maybe You’ll find something interesting from her beads.


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