Quad pictures

As you know I work in the school of Journalism on the quadrangle in Columbia Missouri.  So when I have the camera I like to take pictures of the architecture, as you can see pretty well through the trees right now.  And also the flowers on campus have not shown themselves yet.

Yep, that’s the one.  Actually the little cafe I work in is where the light is shining.  It is the short building next to the renovation wing….the building is Walter Williams Hall.

This is the view from Ninth Street…the opposite of the other view.

This is across the quad, looking at the building directly to the south of School of Journalism…this is the Art Building…or the Art museum.  Okay that is not the technical name for it, I will tell you tomorrow when I pass it and get the name.

Left door and staircase.

Jesse Hall, at the head of the Quadrangle.

and from the ground, interesting angles.  Of course that is all your gonna get.

Check out the ceiling…wood.  Awesome work there.

Okay, that is about it for now.  Time to head that way.  See you guys in the future.

Happy day and peace



One Response to “Quad pictures”

  1. songandaprayer Says:

    The art museum building is Pickard Hall.

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