Just a quick peek

I worked these up the other day when I had my bead soup out….remember?

Okay, you can’t really tell in the picture, but those are 8’s and 6’s mostly there.  So I wanted to do something with them, heck why not, there out there waiting to be used.

So I stitched up these.

Just a simple 1 up peyote stitch, real simple and quick.

Mostly a solid color, with some darker ones added for a little variety.

I have left the strings attached for now, as I need my needle to finish off end strings on my Ruffled Rings project….I had two needles the other day, and dang I lost one…it hasn’t gone into my foot yet…I’m waiting though.

I will rework these strings back in the project to finish off the ends with loop and button closures.

Eventually I will make some of these types of necklaces with this design.  These are some of my husbands favorites that I make.

Kinda like this.  This is based on a design out of Bead and Button Magazine by Aasia Hamid.  So now I do a version like it myself.  My interpretation of her design.

I’m still working on Ruffled Rings as well.  I was having a little trouble with my string, so I wanted to take a breather from it for a day or so.

Thanks for tuning in and Happy Beading.



2 Responses to “Just a quick peek”

  1. I like this style of necklace a lot! It’s so nicely done, too. I love the larger beads hanging off for decoration.

  2. This works up super quick too, once you get used to it. When using the larger beads of course you can pass through them a bunch of times. This is one of the necklaces I use for gifting…it looks elegant when you pick out the right colors and drops.

    c thomas

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