Inside the J school

Just some random shots of the J School.

This is the Futures lab.  All kinds of great computers with large monitors.

This is the same area one floor up.  This is the front foyer, with a room further back with tables and outlets for the computers.

Back downstairs, another view of the futures lab.

just past the futures lab, this is some of the offices and some of the classrooms and editing rooms.

quick and blurry shot of one of those “editing” rooms.  Sorry I’m not a J school student so I may not be using the proper verbage.

One story up again.  This is the front foyer, with some of the pictures on display.

different camera, with a broader view.

This is the walkway leading to the library and other offices of the J school.

This is some of the staircase features.

And the entrance on Ninth Street.

I don’t assume to know much about the school building features, as a matter of fact I have hardly been on the third floor.  I have walked some of the tunnels that meander through this building that connects four other buildings together, but have not taken my camera along yet.

Thanks for checking in.  There will be a little more variety tomorrow.

Just a simple tour.  I will post later today, I have a few shots  I haven’t loaded into the photo album yet.

See you soon



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