Farmer’s Market Saturday

I made it to my first farmer’s market of the year. The first day for them was on the first day of spring.  Oh yeah, you remember.  We had this.

and the woods behind the house looked like this.

So I was preoccupied and didn’t make it to the market.  But I did go this past Sunday.  I was expecting to see some of my usual vendors which I buy produce from.  I guess their stuff was not in early enough season.  I got there about 1/2 hour after they opened.  Almost missed out on the lettuce.

Everyone was wrapped up in their coats.  It was pleasant but chilly.

Some folks had their cookers out for samples or sales. Look at all the controls on that grill.  Awesome.

But as the weeks roll on, there will be more and more lettuce and produce…not so much packaged stuff.  I’m glad it is there, make for great gift giving…..and it is homemade and organic.  Honey, Jellies and Jams, Salsas and Pastas.

Hope to see you there during the summer.




One Response to “Farmer’s Market Saturday”

  1. I want to go to a farmers’ market. It was so warm here today that it almost felt like summer.

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