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The Catacombs

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Saturday was a busy day here.  Not only did we get almost four inches of rain, but there was the Farmer’s Market, and Artrageous Fridays going on as well.  I got to do those things, and then later my husband took me to shoot photos of the flooding.  It was a busy day, and lots of photos.

The Catacombs is an old warehouse that I suspect was used as produce storage in the early part of the century that was located right next to the Wabash Train Station.  The Train station is now the Bus station, and depot.   At least that is my theory on it.  I didn’t take pictures of the outside of it, which I guess I should do to give you a layout of it in relation to the bus station and old photos that I have seen of that part of Orr Street, Walnut Street and 10th street.

This is the inside of the catacombs when it is filled with art exhibits.

See here are my suspensions.  You see the floor there, I figured that is where they would run a forklift and the built up sides just seem natural for storing things like apples, and bananas.

The gallery has started to build false walls in the enclosure to provide some private spaces for individuals to rent.

Some of the empty space starting to go through some remodeling.

This is one of the main hallways leading down to more spaces.

This is Deb, she works with silver and beads.

Further down in the depths, there are more rooms to the right and the left, and more false walls built in.

When you come to the end of previous path, it forms a T and this is the top of the T.

More rooms and more art here and there.

This is the other end of the hallway, from two photos up.

Either way it is a great event to support and a great place to set up your booth.  The prices are reasonable and it is four times a year.  So if you have some crafts saved up and want a fairly cheap rental rate this is a good place to start showing your work.   Just go to Artrageous Gallery on Walnut street for information….though she doesn’t know me.

Thanks for checking in today.



Some more flooding photos.

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I seemed to have been posting for quite a while and I needed a break.  Now I will take you to some other sites that we checked out.

This is Old Plank Road, where the bridge is being built down by Reactor Park.

Looking back toward Mick Deaver Road and Providence Road intersection.

Here is the creek at the bottom of Forum Road….we kept driving to get to the Forum Trail Head.

The parking area at Forum Trail Head.

The last photo I took before it got dark.

Tomorrow, more interesting stuff from this weekend.

Thanks for checking in.


It rained all day.

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Here I have to pictures to prove it.

These were taken at just before dusk.  We have had rain all day, sometimes fairly hard….this is Creasy Springs Road at the Bear Creek Trail lot.

Looking west of the same spot above.

A minor waterfall from the gravel pit entrance, flowing into the Bear Creek Trailhead.

Looking west same spot.

Gravel Pit Entrance.

Waterfall on Mick Deaver Road, heading toward Providence Road.  This whole area was flooded all the way across Providence to Reactor Park Bus Stop.

Another waterfall on Mick Deaver Road.

This is across from previous waterfall, heading toward Providence Road.

This is the intersection at Mick Deaver Road and Providence Road….

This is just past Providence on the west side of Mick Deaver Road….this is Reactor Park Parking lot low spots.

The truck was still moving…hence the frazzled photos.  This is the picnic area at Reactor Park.

The bridge leading to the picnic area.

I will post more later.  I am going to do some beading….

bye for now.


I got the blues….

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Yep, while I was making the ruffled rings necklace, I took liberty of my “blue soup” mix.  I made this necklace.

The peyote band with the detail of top and bottom.

The button and loop closure.

This is similar to a necklace made by Aasia Hasim in a past issue of Bead and Button Magazine.  I put my own spin on it though.

So that is what I whipped up.  Now I’m working on creating some rings in different ways.  Not going to well. So I don’t have anything new to post that involves beads at this moment.  I do have some ideas though, so maybe today I will get inspired.  I think a right angle weave necklace is in order.

See you soon


Just a little green….

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I made a couple of necklaces recently….well actually the same time I made the ruffled rings necklace.  I had the same beads out, so I figured I would whip these up.

This is large beads hanging from a peyote band.

The peyote band.  This strand is comprised of a row of two 6’0’s worked into an even count peyote.  Then I add the top fringe and the bottom fringe.

This is also an adaption of Aasia Hasim’s work that she has published in Bead and Button Magazine.   This is also one of my husbands favorite styles that I made, so I take the basics of Aasia’s style and add my own fringe too it.  I’ve made about a dozen variations of this necklace.

And finally, more of a overall shot of the piece.

Thanks for checking in….tomorrow it will be blue.

Happy beading.


A little while ago….

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We found this.

yep, kinda cool.  My first find ever.

Wow, look at it.

they were within inches of each other.

Though still not as good as my husband did the other day.

my attempt at a macro shot.

So we are still on the hunt.  Today was a little cold and we surprisingly found four of them right away….we will be back though.  We mainly wanted the walk not the long walk up and down the hills and valleys.  That will be for a future warmer day.

Thanks for tuning in.


I know its been a few days.

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This is last weekends farmers market photos.  I know I’m a little behind.  I have to use some of the photos that I haven’t shown you, but my week has been full of work and spending Saturday hanging out at the house.  Except for the Farmer’s Market.

The bedding plants are out.  The weather has been hot, but now this weekend it cooled off to spring like weather again.

People were frolicking with their kids and the end of the fairway.

The vendors were happy and chilly.

This lady is selling Patric’s Chocolate.   Making chocolate old-school way.  Fantastic….pick some up when you are at the Farmer’s Market.

Later I was able to watch a performance by the Boone Highsteppers, I know that I have the name wrong, but I know it is Highstepper’s, but is it Boone County Highsteppers, Blind Boone Highsteppers.  Either way, they are fantastic, and the enthusiasm of the coaches is inviting and exciting.

See what I mean….they are having some fun!

Five seconds before I snapped this guy, he was dancing away.  A future Highstepper no doubt.

And then when they left, they went right next to me….providing with me some good exit shots.

So you never know what you will see at the Farmer’s Market.  I guess that is why I always bring my camera along.

Take care, time for some beadwork.