It has been a while since I was at a family dinner…

They go once a month, early so they can get a cheaper entrance fee.  But it leaves those of us with 7-5 jobs a little hard to get there.  So I had spring break, and well Monday fell on my “cleaning day” which usually means I can get out of there by 4:00.  So I took my trusty camera….and shot a few photos.  I promise Beading photos will come soon.  But I take the camera to lots of places so I have things to show you on my blog.

Mary and Norma, sisters.

Sally, sister

Katie, sister

The husbands, Elmer, Frank and Katie.

Another shot of Elmer.

Katie and Frank.

Rusty, cousin and Katie and Frank’s son.

Aunt Mary, looking great…she brought one daughter with her.

This is my cousin Tanya.

another Tanya shot.

Another Rusty shot.

and then there is me.  Another cousin.  (shot previously taken at the river in ’08).

I guess I should had the camera over to other people once in a while and have them shoot a picture of me.

Thanks for checking in.  Next post “work party”   Then “beading”.  promise.

Happy Beading and peace.



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