Journalism students

We have some great customers that come into the cafe everyday.  Here is one of them, this is Alex….at least I get to see him for another year.  Many of the kids will be leaving which will be sad, but that is part of it.  You may have seen Alex on KOMU, which he has been doing a lot of work for them in the past year.

This is Angie.  She has been working with the Maneater and also editing and producing some of the podcasts as well.  She is a journalism student and one of the kids that works for me.

This is Jennifer.  Also journalism student.  She broadcasts at KOMU this semester and in past semesters.

Me and Jennifer.

This is Josh.  Soon to be graduating.  We worked together at Eva J’s two years ago, but he is a journalism student and has a job writing for the Campus Weekly newsletter that the employees get….other projects I’m sure as well. He comes by every few days to say hi.

Josh and me.

Me and Alex.  Do you see a theme here?

This is Ryan….now you will see him on long stints at KOMU.  I haven’t been as current myself at watching, so I’m not sure how much he broadcasts.  I don’t see him as much at the cafe these days, so that may be the reason.

Me and Ryan.

Here is a gorgeous shot of Victoria.  I got to work with her briefly this past semester, but her schedule didn’t work out.  She is graduating soon as well, but I think she will be taking a few more courses this next semester.

I guess I surprised John with this photo.  He is also a Journalism student, and frequent customer.  He also does some work with KOMU.

Okay, so the end of the semester is coming soon, so I thought I would do this post around that theme, some of the students that I have met, some are going and some are staying.  I’m getting to know more and more of them everyday, but I only take the camera on certain days.  I know that my staff goes crazy because I’ve taken a million photos of them, so I turned my camera at our customers for these shots.

See you soon and peace.



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