It rained all day.

Here I have to pictures to prove it.

These were taken at just before dusk.  We have had rain all day, sometimes fairly hard….this is Creasy Springs Road at the Bear Creek Trail lot.

Looking west of the same spot above.

A minor waterfall from the gravel pit entrance, flowing into the Bear Creek Trailhead.

Looking west same spot.

Gravel Pit Entrance.

Waterfall on Mick Deaver Road, heading toward Providence Road.  This whole area was flooded all the way across Providence to Reactor Park Bus Stop.

Another waterfall on Mick Deaver Road.

This is across from previous waterfall, heading toward Providence Road.

This is the intersection at Mick Deaver Road and Providence Road….

This is just past Providence on the west side of Mick Deaver Road….this is Reactor Park Parking lot low spots.

The truck was still moving…hence the frazzled photos.  This is the picnic area at Reactor Park.

The bridge leading to the picnic area.

I will post more later.  I am going to do some beading….

bye for now.



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