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A mishmash.

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Just randomly show you some shots I took recently.  I haven’t been anywhere lately, except where I usually go, so it has been a little uninspiring photo work.  The past week was doing some cleaning at the house, and no photos there.  But here is what was on the camera recently.

A flat of New Guinea Impatiens.

Bamboo and Ferns at Kenny’s stall.

Kenny Duzan posing with his bamboo

Jim and customer, here with the mustard green mix.

And some more beautiful plants.

I’ll post later today

bye for now.



We get together once a year….for fun.

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Our company puts on an annual party once a year.  They also do a lunch for us, which will be coming up in August.  This day is more fun though, there is much more milling around and being sociable.

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough competitors for the Cook Off, or the Talent Show, but there was some good times had by some. I of course took lots of photos.  Some good, some with lots of movement….

This is the gathering for the cook off.  Usually there are about 9 contestants, this year there was only 4.

Here you see John, working on his home-made lasagna, with Jason in the background.

A few of the fellow workers.

Sue on the left and Laura on the right.  The lady in the middle is one of the Salad Preps at Rollins. I’m not sure of her name.  We do not know everyone, we all work in different units so I will show you some I know, and some I don’t know.

This is Tim.

Adela, Sonlly, Angie, and girl from Rollins, with Sandy in the Red.

I could not get them to be still.  The light was a little dark, and I was trying to not use flash, and this happens.

Though Mike got this shot of all of us together and still.

Brett and Amy, two of the Chefs.  Amy is my boss. Magda who is tying her shoe is my other boss.

Eric, showing off some Oyster Mushrooms.

Linda and Jeff.

Kris, one of the few students there, and Jeff.

Mike, Shelly and Kim.

Angie and Tim.

Sonlly and Lisa, whom was my former boss.


Adela, Mark and Sonlly.

Shelly won the Eva Johnson, Silver Spoon Award for most outstanding Employee voted by her peers.

The Nominees for the Silver Spoon awards, voted by their peers.

Mary, one of the longest employed staff.

Derek, playing some blues for us in the talent show.

So after that things started to wrap up, We were supposed to go play some miniature golf and games like that, but with the rains we have had we were not able to do that.  They set up some games for us, and some bingo, but I got out of there shortly thereafter.  Time to go home and rest.

Thanks for tuning in.  I will have a farmer’s market update for you as well as what the cats have been up to as well.


This is what has been keeping me busy.

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I’ve been working on this little project.  I love delica beads, though they certainly are expensive.  I never have taken the dive to buy a large amount of them, I want to spend my money on a variety of beads….Any way, this is what I’ve been doing.

These were the ones.

You make this one first.  Unfortunately you have to start at the inside and sew towards the outside, which means.

lots of string.  This is the second thing you sew, 19 of these.  I’m on 15 at this time.  But there is tomorrow.

A closer look.

working thread ends.

lots of them.

But it is supposed to look like this.  I am amazed at these people for coming up with these designs.  This is one in the Bead and Button magazine designed by Melissa Van Dijk.

So I am just at the 2nd step….I have to make another patch of beads, 18 pieces with just a variation of the one with 19 patches.

Of course there are going to be some close-ups.

Unfortunately I am almost out of those colors, so I have to fall back on this pile of beads.

Not quite the same, but I’m going to see if they are going to work.  I haven’t read further than making the patches, so I am going to have to see if I am totally wasting my time, or should I just go buy some more of those delica beads in the original colors.

I mainly am trying to go through some old issues to get some more techniques down.  I’m wearing myself out making the same old things, and I want to keep finding the excitement of the beading in my head.  I feel like I am okay at it.  I want to be great at it.

Like this.  How do people come up with these ideas?

Thanks for checking in with me.  I have some time off in my future, so hopefully will be able to update frequently with some beading photos.

Thanks for checking in.


Photos from my phone.

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I actually remembered to try to download the photos that have been on my phone for the past two years.  I “sync’d” my phone and just left the plug installed into the telephone and opened up iphoto.  It took a few seconds but there they were…I was able to erase my phone of 627 photos.

So let’s see what we have.

One of the first photos I took was of this birch trees that are located on the asphalt path at Cosmos Park.  I had no idea there was a tree this amazing just a few hundred feet from where I live.  There is a bench there so a wonderful place to look at it.

This is the bridge near Cooper’s Landing looking at the river at the creek crossing.

Here is a fuzzy shot of the line waiting to hear Barack Obama before he became president.

My beautiful Yippers before he got ill.

A rare shot of Nuggers….she was always moving, always.  I noticed though that in these shot, the camera took some fairly nice close ups.  If you were too far away you would get more shake on the camera…so I went for some tighter shots.

Nate and Joe.

Rhianna and Beth.

I can take photos of some of my jewelry projects and show people what I’m working on or what I’ve done.

Sweetness.  This is Goblins…

The Dude.

The author of the blog, and Marian’s baby.  I worked with Marian at another residential hall and she had this cutie a few months earlier.  Loved this shot.

This was me trying to take a picture with both me and Yippers.  Fail I see.

Thanks for checking me out today, and have a great day.


Our Earth Day was re-scheduled.

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So here in Columbia we celebrated Earth Day a week later because of excessive rain from last Saturdays rain.  It rained hard, very hard, and they didn’t want to ruin Peace Park just to have Earth Day.  We got almost five inches of rain on that Saturday.

So this weekend we went down to take some photos for you to enjoy.

Many folks were there.  Many people talked about how many people were there.  I thought it was attended like it always has been.

There were Dancers.

Costumes and lots of vendors.

This is Ruth…she does bead work like I do.

See what I mean.

There were Dogs, lots of Dogs.

I loved these guys….there was actually three of them.

This one was posing for me.   What a looker!

A pair of whippets.

Kids enjoying the creek.

Music in the park.

And one more fantastic view.

Then we spotted this, and I had to take a couple of photos.  This was parked on 6th Street, just on the edge of the perimeter.

So that was our walk down to Earth Day.  I hope you enjoyed the holiday.

Take Care


More photos.

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Here are more photos of the necklace that I am currently making.  As a matter of fact I have three projects in the work right now.

This is a simple Right Angle Weave (raw) necklace.

I start with a 15, a 4mm a 15, a 4mm, a 15 a 4mm a 15 and 4mm, then loop those together.

Do one more loop with the thread then tie a knot.  Then I go to the next 15 and add three more 15’s and go back through the 15 at that point, continue through the 4mm and the next 15, add three more 15’s,  go through the next 4mm and the next 15.  Add three more 15’s loop though the 15 that you are working with.  Then I finish going back around the circle in the direction you are going but just go through the next 4mm, then 15, then 4mm 15, and next 4mm and 15, then add the original circle.  This will be the next loop which will consist of 4mm, 15, 4mm, 15, 4mm, 15, 4mm.  Then go though the previous 15 in the previous circle, ( the new 15’s loop you created on the last loop).   Continue till it is the length you want.

Token close up shot.

Here is one in the same 4mm, but I used pearlized 15’s.  This photo also shows you my closure “button” which is 14mm round bead or something of that sort.  As long as you make sure the loop on the other side fits snugly around your “button” or your bead and not too loosely, then it will stay fastened to your body.

Here is my current project with the gold beads.

I made a loop and added a vintage button for the closure on this necklace.

These gold bead were not as consistent in size as the little cream beads.  But I have taken a vow to try to use as much product as I own and put as much work into the some of my cheap beads as some of my expensive beads.  Only because I want to make great things with them.  Oh well, it’s just me.

Here is both of them side by side.

Well, that is it for now.  I will take some more photos soon.

Take care and happy beading.


a current project

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I’m working on this simple project.

It works up quick and looks nice.

I will post more photos of this tomorrow.