work party

A few of us met over some appetizers on Thursday Night.  Hopefully I can keep it an ongoing thing every semester.  We will be losing a majority of the current staff, so I figured a get together would be fun.

We will be losing a senior this year, and also several other students are moving away or just can’t fit the cafe in their schedule.  Since we are only open certain hours there is not as many shifts available.

But here is whom attended.

Dusty and Robin…great to work with.

Robin and Sara, they both started later in the semester and helped us fill out some gaps in scheduling.  They have been friendly and great with the customers as well as to me.

Angela has been with us since the beginning, even before I got there.  Chris’s wit is what gets us through the long lines.  He has been around for two semesters.  Both of these folks will be sorely missed.

James and Angie.  James is one of our many loyal customers, and one of Angie’s closest friends. We wanted him there.  Angie has been around since the beginning as well.  She will come back again to bless us for another semester with her charm.

Angela gets a little annoyed with my picture taking…I kept trying though.

See told you.

Good times had by all.

They are all great at their jobs, they let me get done the things I need to get done by waiting on the customers and taking care of the front.  I try to get stuff done in the back in the meantime.

I did finally get a shot of Angela, I don’t think she knew it though.

Take care and I hope I can find some more good subject matters this weekend.



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