More photos.

Here are more photos of the necklace that I am currently making.  As a matter of fact I have three projects in the work right now.

This is a simple Right Angle Weave (raw) necklace.

I start with a 15, a 4mm a 15, a 4mm, a 15 a 4mm a 15 and 4mm, then loop those together.

Do one more loop with the thread then tie a knot.  Then I go to the next 15 and add three more 15’s and go back through the 15 at that point, continue through the 4mm and the next 15, add three more 15’s,  go through the next 4mm and the next 15.  Add three more 15’s loop though the 15 that you are working with.  Then I finish going back around the circle in the direction you are going but just go through the next 4mm, then 15, then 4mm 15, and next 4mm and 15, then add the original circle.  This will be the next loop which will consist of 4mm, 15, 4mm, 15, 4mm, 15, 4mm.  Then go though the previous 15 in the previous circle, ( the new 15’s loop you created on the last loop).   Continue till it is the length you want.

Token close up shot.

Here is one in the same 4mm, but I used pearlized 15’s.  This photo also shows you my closure “button” which is 14mm round bead or something of that sort.  As long as you make sure the loop on the other side fits snugly around your “button” or your bead and not too loosely, then it will stay fastened to your body.

Here is my current project with the gold beads.

I made a loop and added a vintage button for the closure on this necklace.

These gold bead were not as consistent in size as the little cream beads.  But I have taken a vow to try to use as much product as I own and put as much work into the some of my cheap beads as some of my expensive beads.  Only because I want to make great things with them.  Oh well, it’s just me.

Here is both of them side by side.

Well, that is it for now.  I will take some more photos soon.

Take care and happy beading.



One Response to “More photos.”

  1. I can sincerely say: Wow, very lovely. nice done!

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