Our Earth Day was re-scheduled.

So here in Columbia we celebrated Earth Day a week later because of excessive rain from last Saturdays rain.  It rained hard, very hard, and they didn’t want to ruin Peace Park just to have Earth Day.  We got almost five inches of rain on that Saturday.

So this weekend we went down to take some photos for you to enjoy.

Many folks were there.  Many people talked about how many people were there.  I thought it was attended like it always has been.

There were Dancers.

Costumes and lots of vendors.

This is Ruth…she does bead work like I do.

See what I mean.

There were Dogs, lots of Dogs.

I loved these guys….there was actually three of them.

This one was posing for me.   What a looker!

A pair of whippets.

Kids enjoying the creek.

Music in the park.

And one more fantastic view.

Then we spotted this, and I had to take a couple of photos.  This was parked on 6th Street, just on the edge of the perimeter.

So that was our walk down to Earth Day.  I hope you enjoyed the holiday.

Take Care



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