Photos from my phone.

I actually remembered to try to download the photos that have been on my phone for the past two years.  I “sync’d” my phone and just left the plug installed into the telephone and opened up iphoto.  It took a few seconds but there they were…I was able to erase my phone of 627 photos.

So let’s see what we have.

One of the first photos I took was of this birch trees that are located on the asphalt path at Cosmos Park.  I had no idea there was a tree this amazing just a few hundred feet from where I live.  There is a bench there so a wonderful place to look at it.

This is the bridge near Cooper’s Landing looking at the river at the creek crossing.

Here is a fuzzy shot of the line waiting to hear Barack Obama before he became president.

My beautiful Yippers before he got ill.

A rare shot of Nuggers….she was always moving, always.  I noticed though that in these shot, the camera took some fairly nice close ups.  If you were too far away you would get more shake on the camera…so I went for some tighter shots.

Nate and Joe.

Rhianna and Beth.

I can take photos of some of my jewelry projects and show people what I’m working on or what I’ve done.

Sweetness.  This is Goblins…

The Dude.

The author of the blog, and Marian’s baby.  I worked with Marian at another residential hall and she had this cutie a few months earlier.  Loved this shot.

This was me trying to take a picture with both me and Yippers.  Fail I see.

Thanks for checking me out today, and have a great day.



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