We get together once a year….for fun.

Our company puts on an annual party once a year.  They also do a lunch for us, which will be coming up in August.  This day is more fun though, there is much more milling around and being sociable.

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough competitors for the Cook Off, or the Talent Show, but there was some good times had by some. I of course took lots of photos.  Some good, some with lots of movement….

This is the gathering for the cook off.  Usually there are about 9 contestants, this year there was only 4.

Here you see John, working on his home-made lasagna, with Jason in the background.

A few of the fellow workers.

Sue on the left and Laura on the right.  The lady in the middle is one of the Salad Preps at Rollins. I’m not sure of her name.  We do not know everyone, we all work in different units so I will show you some I know, and some I don’t know.

This is Tim.

Adela, Sonlly, Angie, and girl from Rollins, with Sandy in the Red.

I could not get them to be still.  The light was a little dark, and I was trying to not use flash, and this happens.

Though Mike got this shot of all of us together and still.

Brett and Amy, two of the Chefs.  Amy is my boss. Magda who is tying her shoe is my other boss.

Eric, showing off some Oyster Mushrooms.

Linda and Jeff.

Kris, one of the few students there, and Jeff.

Mike, Shelly and Kim.

Angie and Tim.

Sonlly and Lisa, whom was my former boss.


Adela, Mark and Sonlly.

Shelly won the Eva Johnson, Silver Spoon Award for most outstanding Employee voted by her peers.

The Nominees for the Silver Spoon awards, voted by their peers.

Mary, one of the longest employed staff.

Derek, playing some blues for us in the talent show.

So after that things started to wrap up, We were supposed to go play some miniature golf and games like that, but with the rains we have had we were not able to do that.  They set up some games for us, and some bingo, but I got out of there shortly thereafter.  Time to go home and rest.

Thanks for tuning in.  I will have a farmer’s market update for you as well as what the cats have been up to as well.



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