Recent flooding on the Big Muddy

Last weekend we headed down to the river in Rocheport.  I love it there, My grandfather came from their and I think he built one of the houses there as well.  We knew that with the recent heavy rains that things were going to be really high down on the river.  So we took us a stroll and this is what we saw.

This is the bog…it is usually a little wet, but not like this.

This looked like a fairly massive tree, it helps that it looks bigger in its reflection.

This edge is usually a sand bar.  It was interesting to watch how the currents changed here, large trees floating downriver.

My attempt at some scenic shots.

Some crazy currents.  I could watch forever.

Some of the big logs going down the river.  Some of these were big, I just wish they had been closer to me.

It’s always beautiful at the river.  I just wish one of these days one of those old-time steamboats would turn the corner.

This is the other view of the trail.

Bluffs like this up and down the Missouri River.

I thought I got a better shot of this Trumpet Vine flower, but the light was starting to get a little low.  Guess I moved too much.

Thanks for checking in with me today.



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