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Art on Friday

Posted in Travel on July 25, 2010 by beadnfun

Actually it is Artrageous Friday and Saturday.  I was joined by my friend Mary and we did a little walking to the different parts of town.  She loves her art and it was a nice chance to show her some of the professional and lower key artist that have work in Columbia.

I was shooting this in the Catacombs, which is fairly dark there.  I was trying to get a casual shot of Mary, but I also had my micro lens on which keeps your field of view fairly tight.

She was talking with one of the photographers that has his work at Pure Gallery on Broadway.   I believe that we were in his studio when this was shot which is located in the Catacombs.  He is a friend of Woody, whom I took this photo of.

Yep tight shot.  And blurry!

I promise I take better photos.  Anyway Woody takes HDR photos, which are High Definition resolution Photography work.  His photography work is also at Pure Gallery.

I started out the evening though at the new bead store in town located on Walnut Street right next to Ernies.  So I’m talking about the area of Walnut and 10th Street.   The store is owned by Jessica Otterbacher and she helps people design and put together jewelry.  She also has some beads for sale as well.   Most of her hours are in the afternoons and evenings for those of us whom have day jobs.

She had a friend of hers bring in some extra beads for sale as well.

This is where Mary joined me and we went for our walk to the art.

They had a rave room in the Catacombs.

This lady sold the mosaic Frogs and vases in the previous photos.  Here she is putting the finishing touches on a wall ornament.

There were even Kittens there.

She said this one crawled out of the box after I picked her up.

But you know kids and kitten, some times you have to quick with the camera.

Almost…hold still.

Got her!  That’s the one!

This is the Walnut side of the Catacombs.  Now with a stage.

I even got a close up shot of the “Time Machine” that someone has created.

The last thing I took a photo on was David Spear’s artwork that now graces one of the corner utility boxes at Ninth and Broadway.  I was lucky enough to see his studio, where he had some other artists showing their work.  But Mary and I wanted to see the utility box and I snapped this photo as the light started to fade.

I know where you can see more of his artwork and that is hanging up inside the Wabash Depot on 10th Street between Walnut and Ash.  He has four delightful train themed paintings.

I had a great time showing Mary some of the town.

I will be showing you some more of my beading soon.!



100 years

Posted in Travel on July 22, 2010 by beadnfun

I took a few shots at the events to celebrate Wabash Depot’s 100 year anniversary.  I did forget to shoot a photo of the depot.  But I did get a photo of this fire truck.

Another view of the antique fire truck.

They also had a couple of antique cars.

1926 Model T?  I cannot say that is what this is for sure, but very nice.

This beautiful restored truck.

An interior view of the truck.

They had this gentlemen pulling kids in cars in a little home-made train.

Inside the catacombs, which once housed the cold storage for the Wabash Train Lines.   This is a model that one of the train enthusiasts had built

Celebrity sighting….this is Ron Widbin  doing a news story about the Wabash.

I was actually kind of tired, so I didn’t take as many photos as I had originally planned.  I had put in about 12-13 hours working, and then scooped ice cream for a solid hour and was finished.   And my light was fading as well.

Next on the agenda is Artrageous Friday.  I want to take some photos there, and also to check out the new bead store next to Ernie’s on Walnut.  The Bead Gallery.

Take care and Happy beading.


We have four.

Posted in cats on July 16, 2010 by beadnfun

We have four beautiful housemates.  I’ve shown you pictures of them before.  How about some more.

Here is my timid little thing, Whiskers.  She is sitting on my lap right now.

This is The Dude.  I put this one in to give you a little perspective of his size.  I think this was when he was about 12-13 pounds.   He has gained weight since living with us.

He likes us.

Roscoe….a love bug.  He’s always hungry.

Queen of the castle.  Goblins.

Tori with Rosco

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