100 years

I took a few shots at the events to celebrate Wabash Depot’s 100 year anniversary.  I did forget to shoot a photo of the depot.  But I did get a photo of this fire truck.

Another view of the antique fire truck.

They also had a couple of antique cars.

1926 Model T?  I cannot say that is what this is for sure, but very nice.

This beautiful restored truck.

An interior view of the truck.

They had this gentlemen pulling kids in cars in a little home-made train.

Inside the catacombs, which once housed the cold storage for the Wabash Train Lines.   This is a model that one of the train enthusiasts had built

Celebrity sighting….this is Ron Widbin  doing a news story about the Wabash.

I was actually kind of tired, so I didn’t take as many photos as I had originally planned.  I had put in about 12-13 hours working, and then scooped ice cream for a solid hour and was finished.   And my light was fading as well.

Next on the agenda is Artrageous Friday.  I want to take some photos there, and also to check out the new bead store next to Ernie’s on Walnut.  The Bead Gallery.

Take care and Happy beading.



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