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The project I’ve been working on, continued.

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As you know I’ve been working on making another spiral rope.  I had only done one previously, and unfortunately I have not been able to locate it for a photo comparison.  Which is really unfortunate as I really liked it too.   But alas I have been working on this one as of late.

This consists of a core of gold-colored 15’s with the outer bead of black 15’s and an 8’0 root beer bead as the accent.  I learned this as the #4 variation of Spiral Rope.  I will be continuing to learn more of these because I think they are the loveliest things and they seem fluid and durable.

This was constructed as I said before with 6 lb test Fireline.  I tried some nymo thread but I couldn’t get it through the 15’s as many times.  The Fireline allowed this and provided the stability and strength that I was seeking.

This photo is somewhat shaky.

And finally.

Now to test it for real!

See you soon.



A friend visited the Midwest

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One of the friends from high school visited this week.   I was asked by her friend to join them for dinner along with some of the other classmates.   We decided to go to Murry’s which was very busy on a Monday night.

Nammi and Ellen.

Mari and David.  Still together after all these years.

Ellen with Nikki


The group shot.

Odd, I was the only one that brought a camera.

Hopefully we will see each other again at one of our reunions.

Another pose in front of the neon sign.

It was a great time had by all.  Lots of cross over talking at the table.   It was nice to see each other in a setting that was a little more social than the local grocery store.  I hadn’t seen almost all these people in many many many years.  I think we all look fairly close to what we remember of each other.

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