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About the house.

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Barb said it was built in the 1920’s

The neighborhood had lots of houses that looked like these.

Block and blocks of these houses.

So the inside of the houses had all this great wood work.

Built in’s and deep casement windows.

See the windows!  Cool.

Denise and Danna and Dennis on the left.

Some of the cupboards behind the girls.

I only saw this main floor.

A shot up the stairs.

A shot down the staircase to the basement.

I guess there is a basement.

And a parting dusky shot of the house.

And to think there are blocks and blocks of houses like this in Indianapolis.  But where are the blogs about them?  I looked…..

Thanks for checking in with me.  Next the Speedway….or what we could see of it from the road.



This weekend, we rented a car.

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We took a little trip.

We headed East.  Over the bridge to another state, and another.  It’s been a while.

Traffic was not bad at least when we traveled.  It’s Labor day today, so now the traffic is bad.

Not a bad shot, considering I’m in a car going 70 miles and hour.

It is the first time that I actually filled up my card in my camera.  Which was a shame as my volume was decreasing as we headed into St Louis.  And I had my computer to download but not the cable.  Dang the luck.  I made the best of it though.  I took photos with my phone.

So pardon the occasional shot of the interior of the car.  But I’m amazed I got some of these shots.  The canon takes great instant photos.

We saw this in Illinois.

And a lot of road like this, wood on both sides, and two two-lane roads.  Oh yeah we saw corn.

Lots of corn.

We made it to our destination.  And we got to see this.


All this was in a 1920’s neighborhood.

Blocks and blocks of these houses in Indianapolis.

We got to go inside one of them.  This is Barb and Jay’s house.

More in the next update.  Thanks for tuning in.


This is the last of it.

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I finally uploaded some photos of the last project I put together.  This is Spiral Rope variation #4.  Essentially it is a core of 15’s with the loops consisting of more 15’s and a 8.  I tried several times to make this using different sizes of nymo, but with some of the variation of the inside hole I was not having much success.  When I finally used my 6lb test Fireline, it finally worked.  Though I do have to say there were times when some of the 15’s came apart.  I just kept a going.

It look great doesn’t it!

I really enjoy making these as I can just put it together and not worry about patterns.  I want to continue to learn some different variations as well.  This is only the second one that I have made.

In the end I just sewed the ends together.  I was going to make this into a lanyard, but I wasn’t sure how to do the findings for this kind of stitch.  I was lost and just wanted to get it done.

As you know I have been working a lot lately so I haven’t been able to put enough projects out there.

Thanks for visiting.  See you soon