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When we were in Indianapolis.

Posted in Travel on October 4, 2010 by beadnfun

We decided to check out the racetrack.  After all our hotel was within a couple of miles of it.

Of course my photos will be rather blah compared to the grit of the dust, the crowds, and the roar of the cars.  Or of the crowds.

For us, casual observers it was enough to see this.  It would be nice to some day go to the race, but at least we got to see the stands.  From the outside.  From the road.  From afar.

Yes, I took this cruising down the road.

and this one.

And now for some different views.  I was proud of my camera for capturing these shots as we were moving down the road.  I love the camera.

Not only was I taking shot of the outside, I was trying to get the inside shots, at least from a moving vehicle point of view.  I got this one.

I’m just trying to find a few choice photos out of the 100 or so I took .

I can’t imagine being there with the crowds and the cars and the noise.

There is this little neighborhood with the tracks right in their backyards.  We decided to take some shots of it.

We drove around the entire block, but the further east access road was not as close so the shots were not as impressive, but I did take this shot when we got to the southern end.

And more of those crazy supersize photos.

Photo slight obscured by car parts.

And this is our last shot of the block.

We had a great time in Indianapolis together.  It was a real quick trip so we didn’t do the tour of the track, we just went there for a quick birthday party and rolled back toward town the next day.  It was wonderful to spend the time in the car with my husband instead of behind a desk at my job.

Thanks for checking in.