Yes, I have decided to randomly post something.

We have had some eventful things happen in our little town recently.

Trucks started pouring into our city to host an ESPN show.

This is the beginning of them setting things up.

More and more stuff was taken off the trucks and set up as the evening started to progress.

This was eventually where the sky cam was connected with the other sky cam.


The next morning these young men had been there since 5 am.  They were from Smith Cotton in Jefferson City, ready to be the first in line….They even had their signs ready.

This was about 7 am, and they had a while to go before they started shooting any shots.

About 10:30 things started happening.  They were doing some post game news spots for ESPN.

So in the tent was were the anchorman and anchorwoman were doing some live shots to show on ESPN the day before the game.  I wasn’t going to be downtown on Saturday, I have another job, so I wasn’t going to be there for the actual pregame filming.

So this was a huge event for the campus.  It was ESPN College Gameday @ Mizzou.  The best part of it all was that we actually did beat Oklahoma that night, and celebrations ensued all over town that weekend.


I took this photo of Lynn, whom is one of the customers of the cafe, and friend of mine.

She took a photo of me as well.

They did get 18,000 folks right there on the quad the very next day, a record for the filming of ESPN College GameDay.

Things quieted down a little later, but I still took photos of all the activities that were there.

I ran into these two, more customers of the cafe, but also young journalists whom are currently doing a rotation at the local TV station.  This is Rico and on the right is John.  You can check them out on KOMUTV to see some of their stories.

Either way, it was a great weekend for the campus.

I have more photos on a different subject coming up in the future.  I got Beads!  Yeah.



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