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Pictures of Grandma through the years.

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Taken at Andrew Talton Dodson’s farmhouse in south Howard County.

Group shot is

Ora Katie Dodson

Ida May Dodson Settle Rice

Nona Dodson

Cora Edna Dodson

Ora Katie Dodson Snell in the center

After she started having babies.  This is with Jimmie Snell, Edith Snell Bartmess, and Homer Snell

This may have been one of the early ones with Edith.

This is probably with Jimmie Snell her second born.

This is how I remember her back in the 70’s.  She was born in 1899.  Lived to be in her early 80’s.





My mom was extremely close to her sister.

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Since my mother had lost her father at an extreme early age she as she grew up became very close to her older sister Aunt Mary.

Aunt Mary had an extreme life in her own right.

She had two husbands, both of whom she lost from disease and illness over the years.

Now her oldest son has died on July 4th.  He spent his years serving in the Navy.  Becoming a Commander and eventually retiring and able to spend time with family in Iowa.  He died today. July 4th….

Not fair God.  Not fair.  He was only 62.

How come some live so long and others are not able too.

My prayers and love go out to my aunt Mary and all my cousins.  My mother is extremely close to all of you and I hate to see you guys in pain.  I was able to see Paul about two years ago.  Mom was able to see him within the year.  But sad that he finally moved a little closer to his family to be cut short out of their lives as such a early age.





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I have at least two other photos of grandpa, one when he was about 17 and another when he was a little boy.

and a close up

this is the back of the original postcard

Here is a photo of the class at Rawlings School.

That is the close up one.

Here is the full photo.

so he is the little boy with the very large white collar and my grandmother is the one all the way to the left on the first row.

Here is another one of her when she was about 16 as well.

So this is what happened to grandpa.

He and grandma had eight kids.  When the eighth child was born they were living in Columbia on McBaine Street.

There was a little general store on Providence and Broadway, I think which is still located there across from Walgreen’s. He had taken several of the kids shopping and took them home and realized that he forgot his cheese.  I guess he really loved his cheese, so he went alone back to the store to get some.  When he was putting it in the back of his trunk a car hit him and the car continued to travel on.  A hit and run.  Well grandpa had been thrown into the back of the car hitting the shield that protruded from one of the rear lights and had impaled him and killed him instantly.  He was 42.  This would have been the year 1938….my mother was eight months old.  This is why there are so few pictures of him.

I will keep posting some more great family photos.

Happy Beading


The little girl in last picture

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of the previous post is a Turner girl.

She must be Louise

Here she is again or another sister with her two brothers Johnny and Alfred.

Homer Snell had 7 brothers and sisters.






Homer “buddy”



Parents were James Snell and Ida Anne Martin

another note on this photo says that

Ida Anne Martin

had a sister Carrie

Brother Emmit

Brother Alvin

another brother

and a stepbrother George Booten

The photo above was taken while they were in Lincoln Nebraska while visiting Aunt Ethel with Wilford, Ida, Vencil, Maggie and children.


My last count was 136

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Total shots.  I may have taken close-ups within the photos themselves, and I also took a little more photos of the backs of the photos for the information.  Since it seems like there were a few more cousins from the Snell side of the family.

Let’s take a closer look at those.

I believe this would be Homer Snell’s brother.

This is their parents.  It says here her names was Ida Anne Martin and James Snell.

They had eight children.

I do have a photo of Homer and Callie Snell.


Here is another photocopy of a photo with captions.  This is Leo Snell, Callie Snell, Wilford Snell

Also pictured is Donnie Snell and Wanda Snell (Bozarth)

slightly blurry photo of some of the cousins of the Snells.

Snells, Turners and Evans.

This is one of the cousins again, this is one of the Turner girls.  I know because I have another photo, which I will include next time that shows them all with these bright eyes.  They must be very blue eyes.

I do not know the story of the Snell’s so much as my own grandfather died in 1938 and the family became a little removed from that side of the family as Ora Katie married another man and it was frowned upon by this new husband for the family to speak of their father  in any way.  I’m sure they were not allowed to see any of that side of the family very often, that is why there is not as many photos of that side of the family.

Thanks for joining me again in this little history lesson.

Happy Beading,





I’ve been taking photos of old photos lately.

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My mom was kind enough to let me take a box of family photos home one at a time so that I could photograph it with both my iphone and my macro lens attached to my digital slr camera.

This is my mother and her sister Sallie.

Norma Sue Snell and her sister Sallie Snell.

This is their mother, Ora Katie Dodson (Snell) (Smith)

This is Ora Katie Dodson Snell with Edith Snell (Bartmess) or Jimmie Snell.

This is my grandmother.

This is Homer Snell, whom married Ora Katie Dodson.  My grandfather.

These are the Dodson’s.  Andrew Talton Dodson and Sallie Redman Dodson with their seven girls and one boy.  Ora Katie, my grandmother is all the way to the right.   So my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother, with Grandma and all the great aunts and uncles.

Bessie Dodson, Sallie and Andrew Dodson, I think my grandma O.K. Dodson is the face in the middle below them.

And one of the earliest photos we have of Andrew and Sallie about 1897.  They are pictured here with Ida May Dodson and Bessie Dodson.  My grandmother was the next in line.

Anyway, I am enjoying showing these pictures, I have about 500 more to go.

Happy beading.