I’ve been taking photos of old photos lately.

My mom was kind enough to let me take a box of family photos home one at a time so that I could photograph it with both my iphone and my macro lens attached to my digital slr camera.

This is my mother and her sister Sallie.

Norma Sue Snell and her sister Sallie Snell.

This is their mother, Ora Katie Dodson (Snell) (Smith)

This is Ora Katie Dodson Snell with Edith Snell (Bartmess) or Jimmie Snell.

This is my grandmother.

This is Homer Snell, whom married Ora Katie Dodson.  My grandfather.

These are the Dodson’s.  Andrew Talton Dodson and Sallie Redman Dodson with their seven girls and one boy.  Ora Katie, my grandmother is all the way to the right.   So my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother, with Grandma and all the great aunts and uncles.

Bessie Dodson, Sallie and Andrew Dodson, I think my grandma O.K. Dodson is the face in the middle below them.

And one of the earliest photos we have of Andrew and Sallie about 1897.  They are pictured here with Ida May Dodson and Bessie Dodson.  My grandmother was the next in line.

Anyway, I am enjoying showing these pictures, I have about 500 more to go.

Happy beading.



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