I have at least two other photos of grandpa, one when he was about 17 and another when he was a little boy.

and a close up

this is the back of the original postcard

Here is a photo of the class at Rawlings School.

That is the close up one.

Here is the full photo.

so he is the little boy with the very large white collar and my grandmother is the one all the way to the left on the first row.

Here is another one of her when she was about 16 as well.

So this is what happened to grandpa.

He and grandma had eight kids.  When the eighth child was born they were living in Columbia on McBaine Street.

There was a little general store on Providence and Broadway, I think which is still located there across from Walgreen’s. He had taken several of the kids shopping and took them home and realized that he forgot his cheese.  I guess he really loved his cheese, so he went alone back to the store to get some.  When he was putting it in the back of his trunk a car hit him and the car continued to travel on.  A hit and run.  Well grandpa had been thrown into the back of the car hitting the shield that protruded from one of the rear lights and had impaled him and killed him instantly.  He was 42.  This would have been the year 1938….my mother was eight months old.  This is why there are so few pictures of him.

I will keep posting some more great family photos.

Happy Beading



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