My last count was 136

Total shots.  I may have taken close-ups within the photos themselves, and I also took a little more photos of the backs of the photos for the information.  Since it seems like there were a few more cousins from the Snell side of the family.

Let’s take a closer look at those.

I believe this would be Homer Snell’s brother.

This is their parents.  It says here her names was Ida Anne Martin and James Snell.

They had eight children.

I do have a photo of Homer and Callie Snell.


Here is another photocopy of a photo with captions.  This is Leo Snell, Callie Snell, Wilford Snell

Also pictured is Donnie Snell and Wanda Snell (Bozarth)

slightly blurry photo of some of the cousins of the Snells.

Snells, Turners and Evans.

This is one of the cousins again, this is one of the Turner girls.  I know because I have another photo, which I will include next time that shows them all with these bright eyes.  They must be very blue eyes.

I do not know the story of the Snell’s so much as my own grandfather died in 1938 and the family became a little removed from that side of the family as Ora Katie married another man and it was frowned upon by this new husband for the family to speak of their father  in any way.  I’m sure they were not allowed to see any of that side of the family very often, that is why there is not as many photos of that side of the family.

Thanks for joining me again in this little history lesson.

Happy Beading,






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