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Pattern dresses were the rage!

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Here is a photo of Great Grandpa Dodson and Great Grandma Dodson with six of their girls and the one son they had.

Cora Edna, Gladys, Viola, Homer, Nona, Ora Katie (my grandma) and Ida May.

IMG_0250Here is another one, with all those plaid patterns and my great aunts and great uncle’s mates.  Gladys and Earl Jennings, Alve and Viola Caruthers, Homer and Alice Dodson, Nona and Leslie  Beaman, Cora Edna and Wallace  and in the front is Ida May and Willie Settle.  I will read the back of the card and get the other names.  This is a photo of the old photo which was quite bendy.


Grandma and her kids

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IMG_0270my mother is the baby.

Grandma Ora Katie Dodson Snell Smith with Jimmie Snell, Allen Bartmess whom married Edith May Snell Bartmess.  Homer Earl Snell, Sallie Snell Halley, Katie Snell Moore, Norma Sue Snell Treacy Robb, Mary Dean Snell Delaney Koeber and Robert Snell.

Grandpa Homer may have been the one holding the camera on this one.  He was notoriously camera shy, which is unfortunate as we do not have very many photos of him.  His life was not lived much past this moment.  He was killed when my mother (the baby) was eight months old.