About me

I live in the middle of the United States with my programmer husband. I started beading seriously about two years ago. I was a lost soul for awhile and could not find anything to hold my interest. I’d moved to a new home in the middle of the city and was not used to the surroundings. We have lots of trees so gardening was out. But I do basically love to be in my warm house in the winter in peace and do my beading. I have a wonderful husband that supports my hobby and loves my work, he’s helping me show it off.



6 Responses to “About me”

  1. Yo, Colien! (is that how you spell it?) I’m checkin out yer page here. I finally got to see what yer husband looks like. Don’t forget to look at the pics on my web page.
    I think if you goto this address you’ll see my pics.


    Sorry about all that extra paper work at the ol’ cafeteria. Wanna trade jobs? (heh heh). later dude.

  2. Colleen! Hi, Woody just showed me your blog and I saw you comment on the flash messing up your jewelry photos! Got this cool idea from ebay for shooting fine small things and it actually works!!!!

    Email me and I’ll try to explain it!!!!!

    Lynn (Mrs. Woody)

  3. Have a nice day !

  4. Dear Beadnfun,

    I sent email but I was not sure you received it. You won the Bugle Bead Bonanza book giveaway and I need your name and mailing address to get it to you. Please send an email to me info[at]thebeaddreamer.com

  5. Lucky to have a hubby that supports your beading. Do you still live in mid missouri? I would like to find some beading buddies to get together and bead with occasionally.

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